Georgia Tech

CoE Champions

The College of Engineering Champions Program is a unique outreach program in which undergraduate and graduate engineering students visit local elementary, middle, and high schools to talk to students about engineering. CoE Champions also assist with various campus events such as FASET, admission panels, Connect with Tech, and more.

Why is the CoE Champions Program Important?

Research has found that many K-12 students do not consider engineering as a major because of incorrect stereotypes or because they know very little about what engineers actually do. This program is designed to educate students on how exciting engineering can be. Through this program, Georgia Tech's engineering students become role models for younger students and inspire them to see themselves as future engineering majors.

How Does the CoE Champions Program Work?

CoE Champions speak to individual math and science classes as well as larger student assemblies to build interest and exposure to engineering fields for K-12 students. Our Engineering Champions talk to the students about the various engineering disciplines as well as share their personal experiences. They also incorporate engineering hands-on activities that are designed to engage younger students and pique their interest in math, science, and engineering.   

Interested in Scheduling a CoE Champion Visit?

We are thrilled to have such an enthusiastic response to our CoE Champions Program! If you are interested in scheduling a visit to your school and your school is within a 30 mile radius of Georgia Tech, please click here.

Are You an Engineering Student Interested in Volunteering as a CoE Champion?

For students interested in joining our K-12 outreach efforts, please click here to learn more about becoming a part of our elite group of CoE Champions.