The Georgia Tech Women in Engineering (WIE) program is dedicated to recruiting top students into engineering majors and, once enrolled, assisting them to achieve their fullest potential as engineers and leaders.

While WIE programs are designed for women, their implementation is inclusive of all students, and driven by the belief that WIE's success is a natural result of efforts to improve the overall climate for all students.

Since 2009, GT graduates more women engineers than any other institution in the United States.

A group of students listen to Dean Raheem Beyah at the 2022 Tea with the Dean. (Photo: Andre Magyar)
Eleanor Turaski, Morgan Knowlton, Hannah Huang, and Madeline Loui. "Engineers Setting the Pace"

Program Goals

  • Develop initiatives designed to increase the number of women in engineering majors and careers.
  • Encourage undergraduate women to pursue graduate studies.
  • Provide opportunities for women engineering students to develop leadership skills.
  • Enhance the overall experience of women and facilitate their entry into careers in academia, research and industry.
  • Foster a dynamic environment that encourages the personal and professional development of all engineering students.
Working in the Invention Studio at GT



Collaboration between Georgia Tech, Spelman, and Albany State will track 45 women through their college careers
Jakubowski will work on assistive technology and robotics to aid impaired mobility
In Journal of Infrastructure Systems article, Tien outlines recommendations for more resilient, sustainable, equitable infrastructure.
Fourth-year bioengineering Ph.D. student has been president of the Latino Organization of Graduate Students (LOGRAS) and a Leadership Education and Development program fellow.

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