The Georgia Institute of Technology seeks and nurtures students of extraordinary motivation and ability and prepares them for lifelong learning and leadership in a world that is increasingly dependent on technology. Georgia Tech is the leading producer of bachelor's degrees in engineering for all students as well as bachelor's degrees for women students nationwide.

Founded in 1994, the Women in Engineering (WIE) program plays a leading role in addressing women's concerns at Georgia Tech and beyond.  WIE aims increase the number of women students who choose majors, advanced degrees, and careers in engineering.  It also seeks to ensure that every woman with the potential and interest in these careers has the necessary background and support to pursue her interests, from pre-school to graduate school. 

As we continue into the twenty-first century, the economic, social, and technological goals of our nation can only be met by drawing from the broadest possible pool of people – women and men alike with the highest potential for success in scientific and engineering pursuits.

WIE seeks to empower women to achieve their greatest potential as engineers and as leaders.

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Students networking, photo