Find a professional role model from among the Georgia Power Company's women engineers.

Student posing with company employee at annual banquet
Group of faculty and students at Banquet

In the fall of 2007, Women in Engineering, in partnership with the Georgia Power Company’s Technical Women in Georgia (TWIG) group, launched a pilot Professional Mentoring Program. Because women are under-represented in engineering (particularly electrical, computer, mechanical and aerospace), program creators wanted to give female students a chance to forge connections with female role models in their fields.

Program Design

The program provides female undergraduate engineering students access to professional female engineers who serve as their mentors, giving academic and professional advice.  Students are selected from the College of Engineering based on the backgrounds and, personal and professional interests of the mentors. The mentors are drawn from a network of WIE corporate partners.

Other Mentoring Programs

If you are interested in other outside professional mentoring programs, these are highly recommended by the WIT.


We would like to thank Georgia Power, our Professional Mentoring sponsor!