M&M is a unique opportunity to build friendships with other students from across campus, as well as for underclassmen to find upperclassmen who can offer support and guidance.  

Women in Engineering encourages mentoring pairs to meet at times and venues of their choice. WIE also plans monthly lunches with guest speakers to give M&M participants the chance to talk about various topics including resumes, goal-setting, leadership, study skills, time management and much more.

M&M Commitment

Being an M&M mentor or mentee is a fun and rewarding experience, but it requires a commitment of your time and energy in order for the partnership to be successful. We ask that students signing up to be a mentor or mentee commit to weekly communication and monthly meetings with their mentoring partner. M&M members who make this commitment will benefit greatly from this program.

Participant Benefits


  • Priority for WIE Banquet Scholarship applications
  • Invitation to Mentor Appreciation Dinner
  • Leadership Experience
  • Monetary award and recognition at the annual WIE Banquet
  • Invitations to monthly lunch-and-learns with industry representatives
  • Invitations to social events throughout the academic year


  • Strengthen application for Banquet Scholarship
  • Utilize the resource of successful older students
  • Build relationships while getting your questions answered
  • Enhanced confidence in career and academic choices
  • Invitations to monthly lunch-and-learns with industry representatives
  • Invitations to social events throughout the academic year

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of M&M?

M&M (“Mentors & Mentees”) is a peer-mentoring program open to all female engineering undergraduate students at GT. Mentoring is a nurturing process that fosters the growth and development of the protégé (Mentee) and develops the leadership skills of the protector (Mentor). It is a relationship in which a more experienced person (the Mentor) provides support, encouragement and knowledge with a less experienced person (the Mentee). The goal of M&M is to help reduce the isolation and stress every student sometimes feels at GT.

Why should I join M&M?

If you’re a Mentee, your Mentor will give you valuable advice on how to survive academically at Tech, how to study, how to pick your classes, as well as general life advice – how to make best use of your time at Tech, what’s fun to do in Atlanta, how to best prepare for the “real world.” If you’re a Mentor, the Mentee will give you a priceless opportunity to give back, help someone succeed, and develop your leadership skills. You will feel good knowing you’re helping someone thrive at Tech. If all goes well, you will both gain a lifelong friend.

How does M&M work?

M&M is a student-run program where Juniors and Seniors are matched with Freshman and Sophomore students to form M&M “groups”. Each group will consist of one mentor and 2-4 mentees. Every effort is made to match students with the same major, though sometimes there aren’t enough mentors for mentees or vice-versa – in that case, we try to match students with similar majors. It is recommended that each group meets, talks, or emails at least once a week, and they are encouraged to plan fun events to interact based on their interests.

Can I participate if I’m away from campus for part of the year?

Absolutely! It’s ideal to be on campus so the Pairs can meet face-to-face, but it’s not mandatory. If you’re away, please take advantage of emails, texts, Skype, Facebook, and all social networking tools you both like and use. Every little bit helps and will strengthen your relationship until you can actually meet in person.

How is the matching done?

Every effort is made to match students by majors so the groups have similar academic experiences, but it’s not possible to do so if there isn’t the same number of Mentees to Mentors (which is usually the case). So we try to match similar majors together, i.e. civil engineering with environmental engineering.

Are any of the meetings mandatory?

Absolutely not!!! All of our meetings are fun and provide a meal, so most groups like to attend them.

How much of a time commitment is M&M?

Like most things in life, you get out of it what you put into it. Mentors must make time for the relationships, and mentees must be open to being mentored. Mentees are responsible for their own learning, and mentors support and learn with them. So ultimately, it’s up to you. We recommend one “meeting” a week, whether in person, over the phone, by email, etc., and those can be as long as the group likes. Ideally, your relationship will develop into a strong friendship, where meeting feels fun and not a time sink.

If I participated in M&M last year, can I be matched with the same Mentor/Mentee?

If a group had a successful mentoring relationship previously, WIE would be thrilled to see that continue. Please email the WIE office at wie@coe.gatech.edu to express interest if you'd like for an established relationship to continue.

Thank You

We would like to thank our longstanding M&M sponsors, Caterpillar and Shell, for their generous support of M&M!!